The Great Migration to EMV

You know about “The Great Migration to EMV”- an aggressive campaign in East Africa that brought stakeholders together to drive the Kenya banking industry into a magical and unprecedented shift from Magstripe cards to the EMV chip cards. You know about the ICT Summits and Banking conferences from the late 90’s to the first and second decade of this century. They mainstreamed information technology in Kenya. They installed innovative approaches to solution for financial inclusion by the region’s banking and telecommunication industries. You saw GSM players eat CDMA proponent’s lunch. Much recently, you have kept your faith in our clients in banking and technology after sensitive Merger and Acquisition transactions. These are some contributions of our works to the society that the team at WMCC is so proud of. We are helping governments and organizations build a premium connection with the markets and build platinum brands.
Wheels Media Corporate Communications Ltd occupies a unique position in the Public Relations Industry in East Africa. It is among five marketing communication consulting houses that pride in an in-house audience research unit dedicated to banking and Tech PR. Our focus is trained at excellence in marketing communication, planning and strategies that enable leading organizations achieve more from their investment in the marketing communication. WMCC has recently adopted internationally approved systems in consulting delivery to enhance marketing communication services.
The agency continues to make investments in resources that ensure the delivery of a rich relationship with clients ensuring return on their investment in marketing communication resulting to change in perception and a measurable growth of the brand.

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NBK says assets growing at 33 per cent, clears air on Chief Finance Officer

National Bank of Kenya said on Thursday its assets are growing at a rate of 33 per cent, and profits at 45 per cent- which is faster than the target set by the strategy responsible for its ongoing transformation to get the bank into the Tier1 bank club by 2017.

The transformation strategy being implemented requires National Bank to deliver a 25 per cent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) on balance sheet and 30 per cent on profits year on year respectively to achieve... Read More

National Bank is fine, says lender’s board

Six board members of the National Bank of Kenya on Tuesday stood behind the bank’s chief executive, Mr Munir Ahmed, following allegations of mismanagement and questionable business dealings by the lender.

Led by Chairman Mohammed Hassan, the panel sought to dismiss the various claims around the five-year transformation strategy by the bank, which has raised questions regarding heightened staff exits and the sale of bank assets, among others. Read More


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